UPDATE – Oceanic Battlefield 1 Connectivity Issues 05142018

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Hello all,

We wanted to share this latest update with the community.

Progress continues to be made on the issue, with the last week looking quite promising due to increased stability and sustained connectivity for our Battlefield 1 PC players in Australia.

As mentioned in our last update, we did set up blocks to restrict connections to Australian servers from outside of Australia. As of today, we’ve removed those blocks.

We are aware some users might be having issues connecting to Australian servers from certain locations , and are expecting that to be addressed in the next 24 hours. We will be further tuning configurations, with the possibility of short periods where games are dropped or become inaccessible. These minor bumps would only last minutes, and you should be able to reconnect.

We’re pleased to be making good progress on this and getting close to signing off on the issue, which we know has been a major inconvenience. At that point, we’ll share the compensation plan we’ve got for our affected players.

Again, thank you for standing with us during this time. More to come!

The Teams at EA/DICE
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