Premium pass issue

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I bought the premium pass on my PS4 a long time ago,
When I started getting bored of bf1 I deleted the game and all my addons.
Now when I installed the game it also installed my previous content like the deluxe edition but when I go to install the premium edition it says I have to buy it again.
It also says on my other PS4 account (on the same PS4) that I have premium pass but I also have the same problem on that account as well.
Please help


  • DiGiiTaLxRiVERz
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    Only thing I can say is on my Xbox it said about rebuying them too but on game it said I had them so I had to manually install the add ons and install them
  • This1DarkLord
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    When I've gone back and reinstalled previous BF titles I've had to reinstall the individual DLC one by one because it wouldn't do it for me automatically. I'm on PC but that sounds like the same problem you had too.
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