What's wrong with you people?

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Okay....I'm going to go ahead and admit it.... the trailer certainly wasn't the best video game trailer I've ever seen. But come on.... if you can't find ANYTHING in that 2 minute 35 second video that you LIKED. Then you got a real problem. Half of you probably don't even know what the trailers about. It's a MULTIPLAYER trailer, indicated by the appearance of the HUD in the video when he picks up the MG42. Now if you can give me a game where the multiplayer is a 1 to 1 replica of the real event..... I don't know good for you ya got me. And this is one video...1 video... why are you letting a 2:35 second video determine your entire opinion of the game...that's ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Just stop complaining...is that all we do now...just find the bad things about objects and people and beat them down about it and tell them that they should give up and never try again. Half of you probably haven't even seen JackFrags video, he clears up a lot of the questions some people may have and analyzes the trailer to point out the new cool features. The whole slogan behind the game was "never be the same"...... well, here ya go world..... And if you're STILL whining about realism. It's either one of these 3 things

- It's towards the beginning of the war where stuff wasn't as intense and morbid
- The video was from the perspective of a resistance group, who used guerilla style tactics and different weapons

Just try to find something positive about the game (and life in general please, stop just existing to bring others down.......change something). So stop complaining about SJW's and censoring crap. Stop complaining about a women in a war multiplayer game trailer of which they PROMISED player customization options. A lot can change between now and october...so get up, stop being useless, and do your research before you jump to conclusions. And if you're going to complain....save it for June and EA play...that'll be the true test of the game.

(I know I'm being a hypocrite for complaining about people complaining, go ahead, roast me for it)


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    Red Orchestra 1 and 2.
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    i'm holding off until i see some actual gameplay. but i do say that the trailer was all over the place and looked really cool, even though i have no idea what happened at all. nice of jackfrags to breakdown some details of said trailer though.
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    I heard Michal Bay made the trailer if that helps!
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