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So, in todays trailer, we see ONE woman, who is most likely resistance, and people are like "OH NO! WE SAW A WOMAN IN A WW2 GAME TRAILER! SHE HAD A PROSTHETIC ARM! THE GAME IS RUINED!" Women in occupied countries DID fight in a uniform, and used military guns. Some operatives where even sent by the allies to aid the resistance. Same with the British guy (most likely a commando) with a katana. American soldiers on the pacific took katanas off dead japanese officers as trophies. Who says the Brit didn't originally fight in the pacific, and take it off a dead officer, and later get reassigned? Also, not ONE person in the trailer was a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (as far as we know.) They were most likely Luftwaffe, Wehrmacht, or Panzer crewmen. Say what you will, but it seems like you people are overreacting. Also, for all you out there who think this.... THE WOMAN IS NOT A CYBORG AND IT WAS A CRICKET BAT WITH CHAIN WRAPPED AROUND IT.


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    But like... there was a chick with a Captain Hook hand... dumpster fire in the making
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