In regards to character customisation

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I accept that you may be able to select you're gender and skin colour. However, I hope it does not get out of hand like in COD WW2. I hope that the customisation is relative to the army or fighting force. I don't want to see black women soldiers fighting for the Wermacht. Nor do I want to see South East Asians fighting for the British (for example). I just want to be immersed and not be taken out of it when half of my team are female (as it could be a possibility). In fact it would only really make sense for women to be present if it were in China or Russia, or a map focused on the resistance of countries under occupation.


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    Agreed. A game does not have to be realistic or historically accurate to be immersive. Immersion is based on how well a person is sucked into the entertainment. However, the closer something is to realistic, the easier it is to be broken out of the immersion. This game is suppose to be an authentic WWII experience. At that point, small things can break immersion. Female soldiers, robot arms, blue face paint, these are all serious immersion breakers.
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