I have a bit of an idea for customization.

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You see, I have an idea for customization that would probably keep everyone happy. I know it’s probably too late to be implemented, but maybe if the idea gets enough attention, it could work out. My ideas are faction, map, and class specific customization.

Map specific
Heavy winter overcoats. You probably wouldn’t have soldiers wearing white camouflage or heavy overcoats in the Pacific, Africa, or in the spring/summer. Things like this could be restricted to winter maps.

Class specific
Bomber jackets, flight helmets, and flight goggles could be exclusive to pilots. Tanker jackets and tank helmets could be exclusive to tankers. Helmets or armbands with red crosses on them could be an option for medics.

Faction specific.
You probably wouldn’t see an American soldier running around with Russian uniforms or equipment, and vice versa. Certain pieces of gear could be exclusive to certain factions. Like Brodie helmets for the brits or Oak leaf camouflage for the Germans. There is another example of faction specific customization that I could use but I’m not entirely sure of it’s safe to discuss right now, but you probably already know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, that’s it. I think that this idea might be a nice way of keeping everyone happy while still allowing a nice amount of customization. Let me know what you think!
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