How To Fix Ping

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I have BF 1 downloaded and ready to play and it was fun my ping was about 65 to 80 and it was OK, But on the next I opened up BF 1 and i see my ping over 205 LIKE WHAT! I Already tried uninstalling and reinstalling But Same thing happends Can someone please help me. Thx


  • Adman_Tor
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    Welcome to Brokenfield 1! The game is likely putting you into Out-of-Region servers. So if you live in USA and the server is in Europe - your ping will be high. Use the server browser and select ONLY your server zone. That will keep your ping consistent. BUT beware that there will be tons of other players playing out of region with high ping and they can kill you when you're behind cover etc.
  • iSavage666
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    I Chose The servers that are closer to me like Hong Kong servers and Japan cause I live In Asia and its still Bad.
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