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You were disconnected from EA Online. Please check your internet connection or try again later. (1)

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I've tried everything, forwarding ports, disabling firewall, disabling antivirus, reinstalling Origin and BF3, changing browsers, downgrading browsers, reseting my DNS info, resetting the firewall strategies, repairing BF3, updating BF3 and Adobe and .NET, pnkbstr, directx, etc. , resetting my router, using "netsh winsock reset" method, everything I could find
Edit : I've also tried to join in another network, my brother's , and also using mobile data, so it has to be something on my PC but I can't put my finger on whatever the hell it is.

but the error persists, I saw this was a common error in 2013 or something. Also someone reported it in november 2017.

I used to have ESET Security before uninstalling it, thinking it would solve the issue. The error appears at the logging in part of when I'm joining a game.
And I can't play at all, except the campaign.


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