1 Week suspension? Bug?

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Im not sure whats going on to be honest, I downloaded a game update around 8GB, I haven't played the game in months, though I've logged into Origin many times when my PC starts up, Well threw up a game on a random conquest server threw quick match, and I play 2 rounds, I had to shutdown the game due to my audio kinda going outta wack for some reason, start up the game again, join my buddies squad and joined via quick match again, I ran about 20 feet, friend blew up from the bomber and the main menu loads up and I get this "fairfight 1 week suspension lvl3 monitoring active #o3z82z"

I sent in a support ticket, but was wondering if this is a bug going around or something, let me tell ya, I sure did suck them 2 rounds, so I have no idea why I got this message.

Though something did come to mind, I wonder if the cause of my suspension has anything to do with the Timer Resolution tool, I read up on VAC false banning for the tool, I used it to help FPS times in COD as its performance is everywhere. Well anyway Not taking the chance of the games getting banned, got to much money wrapped up on my account just to throw it away.
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