Missing "Dreaming about war"-Closed Alpha Dogtag

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Hello, for some reason I'm missing an exclusive dogtag called "Dreaming about war". I got it after competing in the Closed Alpha of Battlefield 1 and completing a specific challenge. I received the dogtag during release of the game in Octobre 2016. Now I realized that this dogatg is not in my inventory anymore. I don't know when I lost it because I didn't play the last months anymore. I contacted the EA support and they told me that I should write in the forums to receive help. Usually I play on PS4 but I tested the game back in Octobre 2016 with Origin-Access and there I equipped the dogtag on PC and never changed it and for some reason I still have it equipped there even it lost from my inventory there aswell. Please help me to get this dogtag back for PS4 and PC. I send some screenshots to proof that I still have it equipped on PC. Don't worry about my stats there, I'm a PlayStation player haha.

Screenshots: https://imgur.com/Qn6VNLx / https://imgur.com/4paRhFq
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