Premium Priority not working

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I have recently started playing BF1 again and have begun to notice that Premium Priority queuing doesn't seem to actually do anything. To explain, myself and a friend will jump into queue and tell each other what place in queue we are, for instance as of 10 minutes ago he was 7th in queue and I was 6th, both of us with Premium Priority, except not even a minute later I was first in queue and he was in the server already playing the game, he had jumped my position in queue. So now I get to sit refreshing the server list watching the queue tick down and up without me actually entering the game. My question is what does Premium Priority actually do? Because it is clearly more than just skipping non-premium users in the queue, as it has clearly displayed some type of method for sorting people based on their individual priority and selectively letting players it deems fit into the server. How can I get into the "Premium" Premium Priority queue that skips the Premium Priority queue? Or is the Premium Priority Queue random, and any person in any position in the premium queue will enter the server?
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