I don't feel any incoming damage until I'm dead

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I am facing a very frustrating problem with battlefield series (BF1, BF4, BF3) that unfortunately is preventing me from playing anymore. Before I describe it, please do not compare it to existing complaints about net code and server lag, I am confident my problem is unique and different. I didn’t have it before but now I do, and I have been researching for a solution but no one seems to share the exact same issues as mine.

Regions: Dubai, Germany
Hardware: HP Laptop (i7, AMD 6770HD, win7)
Connection: 2Mbps-6Mbps ADSL
Ping: 120ms to 220ms
Games: BF3, top scorer, very fun and smooth multiplayer

Regions: North America
Hardware: MSI GT62 Laptop (i7-6700HQ, GTX1070, 32GB RAM, Win10)
Connection: 150Mbps up/down on Fiber
Ping: 45ms to 90ms
Games: BF1, BF4, BF3, extremely frustrating multiplayer

List of problems I started facing NOW and never faced BEFORE, especially in Battlefield 1:

A-I dont feel any incoming damage until I'm dead. Machine guns in the hand of the enemy (SMGs, LMGs, Assault Rifles) they all feel like shotguns or sniper rifles. The enemy shoots at me for a while but I dont feel any incoming damage then all of a sudden my health drops to 0 and I hear a single bucket of bullets hitting me. *Whiz-Whiz Dead* even from the heavy machine guns. SMGs feel like shotguns in BF1. I always have zero time to react.

B- My own hit register is fine and no issues in inflicting damage on the enemy.

C- The enemy's gunfire animation is a very short-lived and super fast event, but as soon as it happens, i am instantly dead. Sometime I dont even see a muzzle flash or gunfire animation but the bullets still reach me and I'm instantly dead. But in fact, the enemy player has been shooting at me for a longer time than what i perceived and was leading his aim while I am on the run. It is like everybody is many milliseconds ahead of me in what they are experiencing. But on my end, only the end result is delivered to me and I don't get to experience the gunfights.

D-Enemies are way more relaxed when I shoot at them, and they don’t experience this inconvenience, simply because they have enough time to react, shoot back, hide, and most likely kill me.

In short, everybody seems to be ahead of me by many milliseconds in all battlefield games. This was never the case when I used to play BF3 few years ago even at much higher pings (different countries, different laptop, different connection). My current ping is 45ms-90ms depending on location of server.

Could this be a network problem or a video rendering\CPU problem?

-Turning Vsync on and off did not affect this set of problems.
-Traceroute to BF1 and BF3 servers shows 0% packet loss.
-Using ethernet cable dropped my ping to 54ms in some servers but no improvement.


  • TheUnit-AXE
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    I finally recorded a compilation of the issues I am facing. Any thought?

    Youtube link to my video: https://youtu.be/Se-H_M64TSo

    Kindly read the description of the video on youtube.

    What happened @00:25 and @1:07 and @2:11 and @2:55 and @3:49 and @3:59 is what I always experience in BF1 in all servers regardless of ping. Enemy is using LMGs and SMGs but i feel them like shotgun bullets. Is this normal?
    @2:42 no incoming damage is felt or heard except when I am dead, I hear one shot. He was using an SMG.
    @3:07 is the "pre-fire" around the corner i experience against all enemies in all servers
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