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  • frankbama
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    I learned alot of positive things from the cheating threads. The main thing was what I thought might be a cheat was actually a glitch, lag or ping related. I agree that many see cheaters in every game and others say it is very rare but you have to overlook these folks to get good information. A forum should be a place to exchange positive and negative information.
  • ROTCrazytrain
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    frank if it wasnt just the same clan players i might agree with you but when its the same 5 clans and the same 5 players that i see this from day in and day out,i know its more.
  • research-kitchen
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    They claim that they are closing threads about cheating because it is 'not constructive', even though I learned quite some things about the whole cheating situation thanks to the fact that we were allowed to talk about it and share useful and insightful information.

    How can a discussion about cheating ever be constructive?

    Users here use discussions about cheaters as a name and shame platform.. And on top of that, Other users use the threads to troll by saying there are no cheaters, Git gud etc etc.

    That is about as non-constructive as it can get when it comes to threads on that subject.

    Also.. you're discussing moderation here which as you know, Is not permitted.

    The real reason is of course that they are scared that too many people become aware that cheating is quite prevalent on PC and may stop buying new BF games because they are sick of getting scammed out of a good service that they paid for and are thus entitled to.

    Untrue, Any gamer worth their salt who plays on PC will know for a fact that even with the BEST anticheat, You will never stop cheaters cheating.

    And that is a fact.

    You should try ESEA's Anti Cheat, that thing is insanely good,so good infact that people simply don't bother cheating at all on that platform,yes it is super intrusive but know what ? to play in a fair non cheat environment is worth it to me
    They have a dubious past but seem to have cleaned up their act now. So i disagree , some AntiCheats like ESEA have such a formidable reputation that cheaters simply don't bother or those that think they can are banned within the day

    I'm all for ESEA, if it stops cheating sign me up. I don't do anything on my PC but gaming, video editing and an occasional torrent. But I'm sure that bf5 is gonna have the same anti cheat and the esp kids are still gonna get away with it.
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