Confirmed Layers are missing in BF1 Companion Emblem Editor.

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I have unlocked layers in BF4, and with the transition to BF1, some did not get unlocked. I had always just assumed everyone had this issue until recently I had noticed that someone else was able to use a layer I cannot use at all! This is a clear issue with my and possibly hundreds of accounts in Companion that are not given access to layers they should have access to and are not very easy to detect.

See here, that I have unlocked and have access to the layer "FleurDeLis" in Battlefield 4 battlelog:
See link, that other people have access to the layer "FleurDeLis" in Battlefield 1 and have created an emblem that shares the layer:
However, on my Battlefield 1 account, the layer is not accessible and is removed when I attempted to edit the emblem:

If anyone else can confirm this issue, please let me know as I would like to get this fixed.
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