PS3 to PC Transition - Level 1 plus using freeaim instead of autoaim

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I've recently bought BF4 on PC as it was cheaper than usual and I thought I might go back to playing it. However, I realised that I dont get to use my rank 80 character from PS3 anymore, which sucks. Also I have to use keyboard and mouse instead of controller assisted aim, which is a living nightmare as I'm far from used to it.

I just finished a match, with 4 kills and 40 deaths which is atrocious so any tips for improving accuracy with keyboard and mouse from controller??


  • Kilnerin
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    Just keep playing the game and practice on the test range. When you develop some muscle memory and get used to the sensitivity of a mouse you'll start having more fun.
  • kiwikev
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    On PC, aim assist is a cheat and should have never been put in bf1 (1 reason i never bought it)

    Just practice and find the right mouse sensitivity that suits you.
    Good luck and have fun.
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