1 vs 1 tournament for fun....anyone who wants to participate is welcome

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me and my team FLAG will start a small cup for fun for people that want to try something different.

its going to be 1vs1 and the winners will go throught next phase till the final.
1vs1 will include
attack heli fight 1vs1 ( first kill wins)
tank fight 1vs1 (first kill wins)
infantry fight (domination lowest tickets possible)

the rules are
for attack heli fight (no repairs allowed- no changing to gunner seat allowed-not getting out of heli allowed)
for tank fight( no repairs allowed-not getting out of tank allowed)
1vs1 domination(all weapons allowed)
only hardcore mode

an example of the schedule:

We will start from September cause we are all in vacations now

winner prize: JUST GLORY
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