How to deal with sadness caused by server ban on favourite dlc server

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Hello, final stand is my favourite dlc but the servers and game are dying out, unfortunately I got banned from the one active final stand server because my headshot to kill ratio in bf3 is too high. I tried to appeal but they rejected and said I use a macro. On bf3 I get banned regularly as well, since February I have been banned more times than I was banned on console for 5+ years, how does one cope with being banned from their favourite server?


  • BigF33t_13
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    If you're not using a macro, then maybe it's time to find another hobby or at least a new game, as you've mastered this one already.
  • Yul-qqb-IPA
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    Like you I have so many bans
    They will not accept your explanation .Because they are just ............
    So delete active server from your list move on play something else
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