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    Quality vid with OP zerging around flags, high skill required for walking down the park 15 minutes out of 20 recorded, bahd aim with XIM, huge kpm around 0.1.

    Bookmarked, I really recommend OP for scrolling squads with ease.

    Yes. I think you missed the point. It was about how teamwork wins games. I'm nota great player.....but Iseeem to be outperforming all of the rich active community players. To be fair to Fisk and Scio - They did fine - Its hard to do well when you are playing with a team with no skill.

    Perhaps we could ask one of the FF guys to put up some footage of the same round. I went 27-5 and finished 2nd overall. My footage is pretty poor. I will tell you what - why don't we see of we can get some FF guys to put up some footage of players going 10-8 whilst amassing 7100 points or even worse a player going 21-17 languishing in 19th place on the leaderboard. I'm sure we could all learn a thing or two about how the FF string together decent rounds. I'm sure we would see some awesome footage of strategically important ammo boxes being littered everywhere just before they die.

    Two FF players COMBINED went 31-25. My own performance was 27-5. I had only 3 or 4 revives in the endless medic train we run. My won score in that game was nearly as good as those players combined.

    Talking of KPM, I notice that the ACES squad managed 155 kills, while in the same time period, the FF guys amassed a massive 83. ACES suffered 49 deaths to FF 59. That FF KPM is really rocking....You must be very proud of your boys.

    As we know, 90% of FF players are better than me, so I really would love to see some footage that I could get hold of so that I can improve my own poor gameplay. I want to learn how to finish bottom half with 6800 points in a game of conquest. I mean, I want to see if its true that the FF tactic is to just lie there for 20 mins with an LMG and just HOPE that someone walks past your gun? Or is there something really strategic about throwing round ammo boxes while your team gets overrun and well beaten from a position of base controlling the other team?


    Hahahaha omg! This sad lonely snark is loosing it before our very eyes.
    You really are a total tool. It’s funny & tragic at the same time.
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    You should change your recruitment is a suggestion:

    Triggered by a beating?
    Nothing of any wit to add?
    Running out of ideas?

    Join FF and hurl personal abuse.
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    Why are 99% of your post about FF? Triggered by something?
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    So as you couldn't stop without throwing insults. This thread is locked.
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