can bf1 conquest also get 16 player start (now it's 20) like bf5 CQ has.

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People complain a lot about quickmatch putting them in (almost) empty servers, by lowering the amount that is needed people would be willing to stay and wait a little longer. I think when bf5 comes out and bf1 playerbase lowers down then it is also needed to lower the roundstart minimal player limit.

And for me with 4 servers - of which 3 run conquest - it would be easier to kickstart the servers. I think many rsp owners would welcome this. P.s. but focus of course more on the after round server crashes, i have had 6 of those in 3days so AFTER the june patch came out.


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    Don't even waste your money or time on this position game. Worthless other than trade in value.
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