server browser > favorites tab is bugged since 27jun18 patch, it doesnt update player count

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The weird part is that servers tab and recent tab still refreshes normally. But the favorites tab is really stuck 1 servers for example says 17 players inside and stays on 17 for hours and then you go to recent servers - of course you then have to have been in the server recently - and then you see the same server on 64 or on 0 or anything in between, there on those tabs you see the live reality. I use my favorites list a lot so this is a problem for me when I play but also annoying as I have 4 servers and I want that my regular visitors get to see how many are inside my servers at the moment.

My oldest server has between 15 and 16.000 players who have the server in their favorites they all see the server sort of bugged now in the favorites tab.
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