SOA's Better BlueBerry Tips #3

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Welcome back for the third installment of the Sons of Achilles Better Blueberry Tips. These are simple guides to help the randoms we have come to call "Blueberries." The tips provided are based on the gameplay we have seen and decided to give simple suggestions to help in their gameplay. With being said let's go.
Tip # 3 PTF'ingO
Now, most of us who play with our platoons or our favorite squads have seen this before; your squad is constantly pushing the objective but seem to be outnumbered every push, only to look at the aerial map to see the rest of your team still in their spawn or in some sort of line looking at the objective but not attempting to help take it or my personal favorite they are all sniping. To all Blueberries you must push, flank, and over run the defenders as a team, as intended. Or at the least go for the next objective (of course this mainly applies to Operations). One other thing: Avoid the Crowd. This can be applied to both OPS and CQ. In CQ nothing is more upsetting to see 20 or more players traveling as a giant pack from flag to flag. Avoid traveling with the pack and handle back capping or be the aggressors and handle pushing them back by working your way to their spawn for a nice trap, capping as you go. Playing the objective is a key aspect of this game in the big game modes, so let's recap: Avoid the Crowd, Flank, Push the defensive line as a team, and one last attention during an OPs game, after you cap a flag or while defending this will happen I cap A right then you want to move your squad to the next, but on the way their you hear the dread words, "We are losing objective Apples." If you pull up the map you will see it everyone on your team went for the next objective. On defense while defending A if B slightly goes down pull up your map and watch...that little change caused everyone on your team is now heading to B, leaving A either unguarded or only a small team of defenders to watch over it. When this happens the enemy team will have some squads break away from B to take A, now causing a nice little sandwich of death in between A and B where your team got trapped in what I like to call the back and forth game. Rather it be attacking or defending this game can break a team if not countered correctly.
That concludes this session. From SOA, we wish you good luck in your gaming endeavors and we will see you on the Battlefield.


  • SatansGrandad
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    Yes! Im new to the game but this is so obvious! "Weve taken A lets move onto B! EVERYONE!" Or "were losing A, lets forget defending B and go take back A!"...EVERYONE!"
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