My feedback on BFV Closed Alpha

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Hey guys,
Please see my feedback on BFV closed alpha:

-Tone down snow flakes. They are too blurred. Decrease their sizes
-TTK is too much. Please increase it
-Player movement speed is too slow. It feels like you are running in swamp
-Leave fortification tool only for Support class
-Make ammo full once user respawns without going to ammo crates cause usually 1 ammo punch is missing once you spawn and you go to ammo crates automatically once you spawn
-Increase footsteps sounds. It's so low and you can't hear anyone running around
-Increase damage of gunner vs infantry as it's too low
-Add ability to spot enemies from planes
-Increase tank speed movement. It's soooo slow
-Increase picked up ammo from a killed enemy to at least half of the magazine, but not 9 bulets. That's too small amount

-Fix issue where clicking Q makes a mark\red triangle mark and spotting enemy at the same time. These are two different actions. Not sure why it's applied to one button though I had them divided
-Leaning somehow doesn't work at all
-Once you removed mouse from planes movement you are not able to apply mouse Y/X to control planes
-Remove bayonettcharge command from PROFILE_SAVE config file from My Documents\BFV folder. It's non existing in BFV

Best Regards,
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