Why four man squads?

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Seriously what is the point of making squads smaller then ever in a 64 player battlefield title if the whole point of the new game is supposed to be better squad play?

And yeah I know 5 doesn't divide into 32; that's not relevant since battlefield's original squad system had 6 man squads. Nothing is sacred about 5, but every time the squads get smaller they get less useful.

Functionally this means a squad is weaker in absolute terms as it simply has less combat power, the players have less effective choice at classes because you basically always need a medic and a support now, you can't play with friends as well and if anyone takes a vehicle or plane your that much more undermined.

It seems lame to me in general and unjustified by any positive? The only reason I can see for this is DICE is deliberately trying to limit the power of a squad, which is just silly.


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    You already hit on the main point - 5 doesn't divide into 32. Neither does 6. 4 however does.

    It's absolutely relevant. So many times in BF1 I was left squad-less or in a 2 man squad because the rest were full squads of 5. That's no fun for the two players who get screwed out of being in a squad.

    I imagine other reasons would be a squad of 4 works perfectly for 1 of each class. Also, 4 to a squad limits the squad revives and makes it easier to wipe a reckless squad and stop them from respawning on each other.

    4 also works well for small game modes like Domination or TDM where it's 12 vs 12.
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    The ability to lock squads (as in BF1) does not help the cause either and throws the whole division by n off.

    BFV should not allow locked squads.
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    It should help balance a bit. Now it's not possible for the top 5 players on a server to be in the same squad and thus top 5 won't automatically be on the same team round after round. Also a few more squads to balance means a bit more finer tuned balance.
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    I imagine it's either just a step back to Bad Company and BF3 squad size or a side effect of the upcoming Royale mode, just like weapon pickup instead of kit pickup and all insta-dead/ unrevivable on squad-wipe.

    About the division of 32, I don't feel it is as straightforward as that. Besides the usual organized infantry squad, there can be partially filled locked armor/ pilot only squad, cavalry-armor squad, etc. and the occasional mixed squad where teamwork between the vehicle player and the infantry players in the squad can be more situational/ difficult to achieve. It can still be effective and open new tactics such as Pilot-infantry parachute back-cap squads, Cavalry-infantry flank squad, etc., probably easier with a squad of friends or players you are familiar with. However, a mixed vehicle-infantry squad of randoms usually ends up like 2 separate squads in 1, imagine a single seater fighter pilot in a squad with 3 infantry players, or a random camping K/D artillery truck and a squad that roams around the map capturing flags. Again, mixed squads can still work, I remember being in a semi-organized squad with a premade 2 pilots and 1 armor players where I am the 'random squadmate' on Empire's Edge, decided to stick with it and play as a Scout spotting targets from C flag using trench periscope. I still managed to end up having the third highest score in the team with only 2 kills on camping snipers and 1 death from fortress gun

    Another factor is that there are people who do not care too much about organized squads or playstyles and people who only want to play how they want to play (i.e. doesn't follow SL orders), it'll still end up feeling like 2+ separate squads in 1 and hampers the squad's effectiveness. SL's of organized squads have the right to kick anyone in his/her squad, where hopefully any players who get screwed out of being in a squad will join the squad and have fun while other players can still have fun doing what they want.

    For an organized squad, I feel that 4 is okay and gives a greater importance to squad teamwork which has its pros and cons and 5-6 is good as it is more flexible, greater than that and comms may get too crowded. I prefer 5 or 6 as it'll allow more of my friends to play together as a party and stick together.

    For small game modes where it's 12 vs 12, I agree that even distribution/ 4 might work better.
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