Battlefield 1 Incursions

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Hello! I collect tokens in Battlefield 1.
Recently, I'm trying to run a match in Battlefield 1 Incursions. But nobody plays. Sometimes there are current matches, but where do they come from if there was no one else in the queue besides me?

I'm in the queue all day and can not find a game. Sometimes I see that there are current matches, but how do they appear if the number of players who are looking for a match = 1 (it's me)
Help me run the match. This is necessary to get the dog tag in the main game Battlefield 1, which is given for participating in Battlefield 1 Incursions.

My origin StepRun_YT_

P.s. Sorry for my English



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    @StepRun_YT_ Hello,

    I moved your topic to Battlefield 1 Incursions section.
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