How to report offensive soldier names, emblems or Platoons on Battlelog.

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Hi all, we still occasionally see folks posting offensive imagery or using offensive names for their BF3, BF4 and Hardline soldiers and Platoons.

If you wish to report such content, you can do so within Battlelog on your browser.

Log into Battlelog, then click the search icon in the top right.


Pop in the name of our offender, and you should see them as a potential friend. Click on the relevant name and you'll bring up their profile page.
  • To report a profile name, you can click on the highlighted icon to the right to bring up a menu which will give the option to report the profile.


  • To report an emblem, click on the offending soldier, then you'll see the report button to the right of the page.


  • To report a Platoon you'll find the report button to the top right of the page


Write your reason for reporting, then fire it off and our teams will take it from there.

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