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My dogfight server is being attacked

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So, my server, http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/4a58b7c5-528f-4eca-b6e2-a83cc8c74b3c/i3D-net-NL-717498-Switches-get-****-and-Cuts-get-****/ is being filled with players who are automaticly joining. Those players dont have any stats, just all 0.

I contacted EA Help via Twitter and they told me its a third party server so take it up with them. My game server provider told me its an EA back-end issue and take it up with EA.... Great....

Does anyone of you have any experience with this kind of automaticly seeding?
Someone is not liking me very much...

I tried to reset the password but no result.
I cant ban them manualy in Procon cuz every second a fake player is joining.
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