stuck at loading screen with new pc with windows 10 1803

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windows 10 home 1803
intel 4560 with zotac 1060 amp 3gb

tried every thing suggested on diff websites , re installed twice but not working

works on my old !!! laptop with w-10 1709 version ???

has my money been wasted ??

origin and EA games have became absolute dumb with helping this issue


  • floedesovs
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    Did you select your version's correct language when you installed BF4?

    If you bought Battlefield 4 in Russian, you must select Russian as language when you install.
    You can later change the language to your preference.

    1. Uninstall Battlefield 4
    2. Install Battlefield 4 (select your bought version's language)
    3. Open Battlefield 4
    4. If everything is working now, then go here.
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