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Hi everyone! I just wanted to show you a part of an idea that I invented.

So I'd talk about a new gamemode and a new class or something like that.
Ranked gamemode.
A front line/war whatewer you call it (it probably won't be like a simlpe front line, cause there coud be conflicts in the game. The wars could start when a country decides to
attack the other (the gamers will be able to join to a country, and if it is a democratic country then they will be able to thell who is gonna be attacked by them,
if there is a dictature a GENERAL OF THE ARMIES (gas) will be the dictator and he'll decede who will be atacked by his country
(anyone can become a general, a general is a player who controlls the others movement on the battlefield but befere he could become one,
could become one he has to complete missions with some bots
(it'll be like a strategy game to make sure that the player has the perfect skills for giveing orders on the battlefield)
after he has completed the missions he will be promoted to Private (PV2) (E-2) or something like that if he served well in a war he can be promoted (everyone will be promoted
if he had done things like killing the most enemy in a battle or reviveing the most teammates, killing the most man by artilery and things like that) (after a battle you
might gonna get gifts) after a war if the strategist won many battles he can be promoted more than 1 lvl so he can instantly become a Chief Warrant Officer 3 (CW3) from
Sergeant (SGT) (E-5) if you was good enought. So an officer is gonna be telling to his man where the have to setup artilery, which points they have to capture (the
points will be like a factory or a high ground, if he is the GAS he can take part in a battle but only as a simple player. While he is at he table and not fighting he could tell to the armies where to stay or what to do there (like planing to attack russia or calling for some help from allies to help in a battle he will be like playing hearths of iron 4), he can decide where to land like D-day.
There will be officers on the battle field too they will tell us what to do, he will recive orders from the higher ranked officers. at the battles there is allways gonna be
someone who is gonna see the battlefield and controll the players like he would play iron harvest.
The GAS can play as a normal player like others and while he is playing a warrant officer will take his place.
There will be 3 types of armies the Navy, the air force and of course the land force. As a simple player you will have to choose of casts like medic, support...
if it is a battle on the water with the navy you will be able to choose who you want to be a player with a big cannon or someone with machine gun, if you are playing with the
navy you will be able to repair some things like your machine gun. IF the navy is fighting they will be able to push foward to capture a port and next tome you will have to protect it from land force or navy or both,
and the GAS will be able to send reinforments.

It is just a part of an idea, but if you found it readable please let me know, and if you found it interesting enought, I would tell you more about it.
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