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Party/squad/platoon system

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Ok, I admit I'm confused. How is this supposed to be arranged?

In BF1 you had Friends in Origin, you could form a Party in BF in the menus (a kind of lobby). When you joined a match, your Party could join you. In game, you could make a squad, or make 2 squads, or play against each other, or whatever. This integrated with Origin - Friends could see if you were in a BF game/party and join you.

In BF5 it appears to refer to the Party as a Squad.

Does this mean you can only all be in one Squad? That you can only have 4 in a Party/Squad?

How does this align with the Platoon concept?

After 2 years in BF1, the Party system was still buggy and, personally, I didn't like having Origin Friends connected directly to the ability to choose who to play Battlefield with, but this BF5 system seems even more restrictive (and also seems buggy already).

Does anyone know what is happening? I've not seen this specified anywhere - have I missed it?
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