Request for Help to Find Incursions Players/Request to Start Incursions Community

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To all the devoted fans of this wonderful game mode,

I'm looking for help to try to find a good community of players for this game. Much to my relief, it seems evident, given the posts in the last week especially, that there are still many people out there who very much want to play this mode, but who can never find anyone on to play with. I am one such individual. Until the fine folks over at EA can officially release this game and put it past a pre-release test stage and thereby open it up to anyone who wants to download it (I looked and it doesn't appear you can register for it as of now), I would be content with joining a devoted community who would want to meet up to play this on something of a regular basis.

Namely, I'm looking for a group that might have a site where people can meet to arrange times to play. If there is not such a community, I would welcome a bold soul to get one started! (I would myself, but I just don't have much technical know-how nor the time to learn.)

I hope to see you all out on the battlefield!
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