Old school players impressions of BFV beta



  • I am with you, OP. I am a BC2 player. The guns handle smoothly.

    The biggest draw to the game is learning the new tactical curve with the TTK/TTD.

    It's basically a race to figure it out. That has some long-term playability effect, to me.
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    I have tons of video of me putting a cross hair on a person STANDING still maybe like 20m out with a sniper rifle and it taking 3+ shots to kill the person. In some cases each shot was taken with a considerable amount of time. SOOOOO.. if your bullets are not going where you aim them in the cross hair no matter how much time you take per shot whats the point of a cross hair at all?? The reg is horrible beyond belief and the guns do not feel great or play great. This whole new we are moving away from "Mircrobursting" was really stupid. At least when I shot someone in a cross hair in BF IV the hit registered.. In this game EVEN if you aim the bullets magically go some other place than were you are shooting them. BF H, BF 1, and this game all feel the same with super bad gun play and no hit detection. I have shots recorded that weren't even close to an enemies head and boom headshot. I have other vids where the crosshair is directly on an enemy solider and no detection what so ever. I dunno all new versions of Frostbite past BF IV are all crap to me..
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    lol, member when Frontline Fuels of War was gonna be the battlefield killa? anyhoo looking forward to playing the demo this afternoon only had a quick blast this morning, seemed fun enough.

    I think that was developed by some of the same guys who made Battlefield 2/Desert-Combat (after they were let go/DICE NY was shut down)...
    they also made Homefront.
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    I have been playing since '42

    You are right about the hit boxes. I am seeing hits when I clearly missed by a mile and missing perfectly lined up shots. They have to get this right 1st!!

    The sound is a joke.. there is no sense if an explosion is near or far or what direction it is coming from.

    The maps are tiny so far. Far to 'run and gun' for my liking

    I think it is still crazy that we look back at 42 and wish we had elements from it all those years ago. Giants maps where you could control ships and submarines and aircraft carriers with a massive range of vehicles and infantry that could do something about those. And don't get me started about Clans and their servers!! This was the heart and soul of BF and the took it away from us.

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