Old FPS with aim-down-sights?

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Rediscovered my old laptop (running Vista) when my main PC is being fixed - would like to play FPS casually offline (NOT campaigns) while waiting for the main PC to be back in action.

Anybody can suggest an old FPS with aim-down-sights which can run on old machines? Anything more demanding then CS Source may not be possible.

Thinking of BF Vietnam with the AEIV mod (enables aim-down-sights).

Does CS 1.6 or Source have an ADS enabling mod which can run as single player?

Any other suggestions?


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    No ADS. There was a scope zoom for most guns, but no real ADS.

    still worth checking out though.
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    Older call of duties, Brutal Doom are ones i can think of the top of my head.
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