I started with BF2142/2, I like BFV but...

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Hello dear Battlefield community,

since I am big Battlefield fan, I would like to share here my opinion and my thoughts about new up-coming Battlefield game and also about further franchise development. I can't say that my opinion is the only one which is true. However, I play the franchise since Battlefield 2142/Battlefield 2 and... So, I can say, I am kind of familiar with it. First I want to make it clear - I played every single Battlefield game except of Battlefield Bad Company (the first one) and except of Battlefield Vietnam. And I am a PC player. I had PS3 some time ago to play GTAV on its release but... Well, that's it.

I discovered Battlefield series in 2007 starting with Battlefield 2142. The game was great and my favourite mode of all Battlefield games it is the Titan mode. And while playing BF2142 I understood why I really love the series that much. Its pretty obvious but I will write it down here:


2)Massive battles of large scale.



While first 3 points dont need explanation, I will write down about the fourth one a bit. Its kinda important because it will help me to better explain my whole point later. So, the things is, Battlefield its not ARMA. Its not Red Orchestra. Its not and never was realistic millitary shooter. Its arcade multiplayer shooter, which is again is pretty obvious but some people are forgetting it sometimes. But Battlefield has something else, which makes it great and which makes it Battlefield. Its Atmosphere! Its large scale battles and even when it doesnt give you experience of real warfare, it gives you to "feel" the time period and all the events around you. For example, that is becasue I think that Battlefield 1 is great game. It has very cool gameplay but also it gives you opporutnity to "feel" its era. Yes, I know that WWI it was mostly positioning warfare. But it also had offensives, breakthroughts. And it was very chaotic. Mush more chaotic than many other wars, specially because of the fact that millitary technologies did huge advancement during this war and there was big difference in them during start of the war and during the last tdays of the war. And in the BF1 because of all the uniforms, gas masks, vehicles, gas grenades, weapons and also because of OPERATIONS mode you really can "feel" spirit of WWI. And thanks to voice-acting, music and overall Dice work, you also understand that this events wasnt fun at all. Yes, its videogame and you're playing it to have fun but you also can "feel" how tragic and devastating and horrible were that events, specially because of Single player mode aka War Stories and voice lines during loading of every map in Operations Mode.

So, now I want to make shrot compare of all BF games. BF2 and BF2142 were made in 2000s snd of course they cant give you graphics and sounds like BF4 or BF1 can but they still could had make you "feel" their setting because of many small factors and specialy because of teamplay, teamwork and core-elements of gameplay itself. Its, of course, things like stamina bar, respawning only on squad leader, not that fast gameplay, commander mode and voip communication. And speaking about voip communication, I want to mark that what was really so great about it its the fact that squad leaders were the only ones who could speak with commander. Other squad members could have speak only with squad leader and other squad members. And when commander was speaking, every squad leader could have hear him. It worked on the point number 4 just perfect.

In BF3 and BF4 Dice made step back from this formula and gave us more... I even dont know how it called... Michael Bay elements? Arcade elements? Call of Duty things? Well, something like this. It was still cool, however. Thanks to Atmosphere. With modern graphics and videogames budgets Dice made very authentic battlefield experience. For example, total destruction! It gave really new Battlefield feels. So... Here I can say that Battlefield 3 wasnt that good like Battlefield 2 because of lack of that Battlefield 2 (and Battlefield 2142, obsiosly) gameplay but it still was good Battlefield game (and it still is). Battlefield 4 gave us back commander mode and changed some things a bit. So, Battlefield 4 is also good game and good battlefield game. I even would say its better than Battlefield 3. So, now lets finally speak about Battlefield V. It has WWII setting and because of it we can compare it with the very first Battlefield game - Battlefield 1942. However, comparing will be strange. And do you know why? Because Battlefield V feels... Like alll previous major battlefield games all together!.. It doesn't have staming bar like BF3, BF4, BF1... But it has much more bigger importance of teamplay, like BF2 and BF2142. It has very "fast" gun-gamepaly like BF3, BF4 and BF1 but also core-elements like BF2 and BF2142, like ammo system and lack of health regeneration. Due to all this factors it feels... Weird. Seriosly, I am Battlefield veteran. I like many things that BFV does but... I dont know how to proper play in it! I tried to play it like BF1, like BF3, like BF4 and it doesnt feel right. Im getting killed pretty fast. So, then it must be played like BF2 and BF2142 which I reallly would like because I always missed BF2 and BF2142 core-elements (when you need to run from cover to cover, to shoot sitting next to the cover, while you are counting your last bullets and yoru health is low and where is the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ medic and you "feel" like you are on the "real" war). But due to the fact that BFV still has BF3-BF4-BF1 gameplay mechanics, like lack of stamina bar, for example, I cant play it like BF2 and BF2142. Its not that fast like BF4 or BF1 but it still fast!.. I dont know. Maybe I just have to get used to it... But for now it gives me really strange feeling. But also I like many things in it, and I also like the atmosphere. Maybe on the release the game will combine all the elements of all major battlefield titles in the right way and it will be ultimate atmospheric experience.

And what do you think? Pls live your comments below. I hope there are the same Battlefield veterans as me.

P.S. Wanted to add few thigns about Battlefield 1942. Due to the fact that I started playing Battlefield series in 2007 with BF2142, this game was already old in that times. After a lot of matches in 2142 I went to BF2 and spend a lot of time there but there was already no time for BF1942. BF1942 had no commander mode and no squads. It was hard to play it after BF2, for example. However, its also good game, specialyl for time when it was released. And maybe it will sound strange but I actually think that BF1 kinda remidns me of BF1942. Mostly because of its "chaotic" mechanics. Yes, BF1 has squads but it has no commander mode and a lot of running and shoothing and with all the WW1 era weapons and vehicles it has pretty different gameplay from BF2 or BF3 or BF2142. And BF1942 is kinda like it as well. But mostly because to the lack of weapon customization. However, I think that when such "chaotic" style is good for WWI game, it doesnt feel right for WWII game. Yes, every war its chaos and WWII had a lot of chaotic battles too but due to more powerful weapons and vehicles and bombs etc etc the WWII was pretty different from WWI (Captain Obvious to the rescue! :D). So, my point is that BFV does it right... But is it will be so perfect? Will it combine all BF elements in the right way?.. I guess we will see it later in November and in 2019. Time will show...

P.P.S. Sorry if it will be hard to read, I am not native english speaker as it can be seen. And I have never lived in English-speaking country. But I hope that this post is OK.


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    I only see BF1942, BFVietnam, BF2 and BF2142 as the real battlefield games. Anything that came after, except BC2 is trash. Nothing will ever come close to those older battlefield games. Now this battlefield games are all CoD hybrids. The thing is that EA and Dice started catering to this console gamers that have no idea what it is to play those real battlefields. The oldest memories they have of playing a battlefield game is BC1, which sad and pathetic. I turned my back on any battlefield game since BF3 came out. I bought the new ones dirt cheap. Cause I am not going to spend full price for those garbage games. Almost every single map is a flag in the center with 4 around it. Same layout and feel almost on every map. They don't make maps like Jalalabad, Highway Tampa, Verdun, Bavaria and such. They have lost their magic and god forbid you call the out on it. I just hope someone in dice decides to make BF2143 cause if they go against CoD with another garbage modern setting they are going to lose hard core. The only way Dice will win against CoD is with BF2143. Making it how it really was with the new graphics. There won't be a better game for years to come. But, what ever. Im out
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    As you're "out" kindly refrain from picking up two-year old dead things 

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