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The Xbox version is really a mess...

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From rubber banding animation to poor gun handling to poor optimization.

I have had so many instance while trying to peek over cover that the camera/player slides around. This is a huge issue with the support as the already wonky bipod system becomes worthless. Then you get these situations again with the bipod where your gun gets stuck in this really slow deploy system animation with the camera/aim point getting stuck looking up at a angle and takes at least 2 to 3 seconds to get the aim recital under control.

Ammo count on weapons is way to low.. sorry but we are not using mouse and keyboards.. controllers have to deal with recoil more then when using a mouse keyboard. They need to up the ammo or balance the recoil for console players using controllers.. as there are times that it just better to hip fire then try to aim... this is really a big issue on LMG's.. speaking of LMG's...

Where is our bullet pen? It was said that LMG's would have bullet pen.. I was behind a door and emptied two mags through it on a guy standing on the other side.. NOT ONE round hit them.. we are talking point blank, him on one side me on the other so there was no missing.. I have yet to hit anyone shooting through cover.

Motion blur is effecting performance by a large amount. There were a ton of frame rate issue, graphic tearing.. I turned motion blur to zero and got a huge jump in performance.

Lighting is a mess, there seems to be a lack of blending.. its dark or light with no gradual shading into it in many areas. I had to turn up gamma to near 70 to make it playable.. but then it looks washed out.

Still have issue just as in BF1 where you fire and the round doesn't register no impact, player hit, tracer. .it as if the bullet just does not register being fired.

2nd day flag capping mess.. we had 10 people on a point and lost it in a mater of 3 or 4 seconds.. I have seen this happen more then once.. not sure if there is some mechanic to allow the attackers to cap it faster in the beta.. but getting the win for the beta as defender seems impossible right now unless the other team just stops trying.... and so far I have yet to get a win on defense for day 2 so I have yet to be able to win the grand campaign for beta because all I ever get is defense.. even when a new game starts I'm still stuck on defense. I have tried and tried to team swap, leave game and rejoin and it always puts me on defense.
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