RESOLVED – Australian Battlefield 1 PC Connectivity Issues April – May

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edited September 2018
Hello Battlefield 1 players in the Australia region,

As you know, from April 1 to May 8 we experienced a severe impact in connection stability in the region related to external issues. Our teams worked diligently to identify the cause, worked to mitigate the issue, and restore connectivity in the region. As of May 8th, our teams confirmed that no further incidents from this particular issue were occurring, and we began working with teams on rolling out some in-game gifts to show our appreciation for those that stuck by us during this trying time.

All PC players in the region will be receiving 3000 Scraps and 7 Superior Battlepacks, rolling out tomorrow, Sept 12, 2018 at 9AM UTC/ 12AM PDT.

Though they will be automagically added to your account, you will want to login in to ensure they’re there.

For our RSP admins, we also want to make sure we take care of you. If you had an active Rented Server from April 1st to May 8th you can contact our EA Help team at Our Help team will set you up with three months worth of time on any impacted servers. Please contact them after the in-game grant has completed.

We are truly sorry that this situation impacted your region and have worked with our teams to reduce the potential for this to happen again.

Thank you again for sticking by us and we’ll see you on the battlefield.

The Teams at EA/DICE
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