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The good, the bad and the WTF

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So the beta has ended. With over 25 hours played. All weapons unlocked. With all attachments unlocked. I found the game to be highly addictive, more so than BF1 witch I only have 50 hours played(BF1 was really boring in my eyes). However there are a lot of things that needs to be done to make BF5 a better game. And this comes from someone who has all the BF games for PC and still played BF1942/2/3/4/BC2 every week.
So here is a list of my The good, the bad and the W.T.F.
Keep in mind that these are my opinions. If you like them let me know and let Dice know. If you don’t like them then discuss them civilized.

The good:

Gunplay - Really fun. Best gunplay since BF3. Very skillful when it came to shooting.
Time to kill - Love it. But could be better a tiny bit better on SMG’s

Fun weapons - WW2 games always has the best weapons imo. And there is a lot of weapons to choose from.

Maps - The maps where really fun. And good designed.

Map Balance - Really really good. Never felt like I ever lost a game because of the map balance been bad.

Spotting mechanics - This was really good and balanced in the game. I've hated 3D spotting ever since BC2. Why? Was easy to abuse. And I abuse it alot in BF3/4 and have been ban from servers because others think I cheat.

Snipers - They are fun to use and not so annoying. However not a fan of a autosniper with no recoil. Also maybe buff them in damage just a little bit.

STG44 is it Overpowered?- In my opinion no. All the other weapons are Underpowered.

The bad:
Animations - There are to many of them. They are all over the place. They interfere with the gameflow.

Ammo system - Only having 2 magazines at the start is just to low. It slows down the gameplay since you have to run around looking for crates the moment you spawn. Taking it up to 3 with the option to get a 4th would be alot better.

Servers/Join system - Sorry but this is really bad. Not only broken but bad. Best option would have been to just have a server browser as the main option with a matchmaking as side option.

Changing team - Simply put it… You couldn’t. Some of us do have more than 3 friends and would still like to play on the same team and get real teamwork going.

Sound - The sound was buggy. Some sound was low compared to other sound. Like the tank was dead silent. Footsteps was way to low. You could be sitting in a spot waiting for a player you know is there but then get knifed in the back from that same playing who could run up to you without you hearing him.

No weapon upgrade ingame - I shouldn't have to leave the game and my squad just to upgrade my weapon. Slows down the game so much.

Not been able to change upgrades - I couldn’t have to “buy” a new weapon just to try out other upgrade. I should be able to do this ingame as much as I want. I might want to tweek one of my weapons for the map I’m playing on.

No basic rifles - Rifles was still the most used weapon in ww2 same as ww1. All classes needs a basic rifle without scopes from the start to balance the gameplay out.

Bleed Out - Needs to be faster.

No crawling then downed - Forget the Draggin mechanic that no one is gonna use. Give us a crawl then downed to get to cover for revive. To balance it make it so you bleed out faster when you do it.

The W.T.F:
Tanks/Planes - Simple question. Where are they? Ain't this Battlefield? We get 1 tank?
Where are the jeeps? Trucks? Motorbikes?

Vehicle spawn - You can only get a tank from the spawn menu? Why is this still a thing? It’s already hard to find Vehicles in the game why make it even harder by putting them in the spawn menu that's already bad since you have to back out of the stupid squad spawn menu to even get to it. It ends up been abused so much by players camping the spawn menu to get a tank or a plane. Go back to BF2 system I say. Was the most balanced of them all.

UI - Now this is the biggy. To put it nicely… It’s ****. Hard to even know where to start.
The medics have a really hard time seen players that needs revive.
You can’t even see it on Narvik sometimes since it’s white on a white map.
Not knowing what squad you are in.
Hard to see the vehicalspawn.
When capping an objective and there is a game announcement the capping progress bar goes away.
It’s overall boring and just bad.

Will update this if I find more to add.


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    I agree 110%

    I would also like to ad the extremly buggy squadsystem on PC. We are a group of friends who gave up trying to play together, invite, join squad works 1 out of 5 times. And joining a server never worked because atleast one of us always got stuck in queue. When a 4 man squad connects, the server needs to reserve 4 spots.

    And a message for EA/Dice - It is the EXACT same problem in BF1 and it is still not fixed.
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    Ya sometimes it feels like devs never learn from previous games they made
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