Menus and other UI elements need to be changed

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These are the main problems I had with the menus in BFV's Beta - I'll put the main points in bold italics and if you want to read my explanation you can read the rest. Feel free to add anything, and when referring to anything I've said use the number on the list.
I am aware some stuff are like this because it's the Beta, this is just a list of glaring problems I've identified
  1. First off, get rid of tiles in menus (this should apply to all BF games) - they're frustrating to use, especially on console, lists are just a better system.
  2. This game does have some list menus, but they're used poorly, such as the lists for weapon customisation, which lists default versions of sights at the bottom rather than the top, and doesn't use any sub menus when everything is just cluttered.
  3. Having two separate menus for customising your classes and unlocking skins is completely unnecessary. This just adds to the clutter and makes it more confusing to find what you're looking for.
  4. The "Your Company" menu is the most frustrating experience I've had in trying to customise my classes in Battlefield so far - why can't you use the bumpers to change between classes? Why doesn't it show you what's already equipped before you click on the class? BF1's system was ideal (apart from the weapon variants being listed as individual weapons, but they don't exist in this game)
  5. On console, when you're in a sub-menu and you back out, it puts you back to the top of the list rather than putting you back to where you just left - this makes traversing through menus difficult because rather than just hitting B and pressing the down button once to enter the next menu, you have to hit B and then find where you were on the list, and after that hit the down button multiple times. This is VERY basic stuff, and I'm surprised DICE would let problems like this into the Open Beta.
  6. There are too many unnecessary sub-menus, especially in the Company menu. I don't think I need to explain this, as I've seen plenty of other people complain about this, so I think it's common knowledge.
  7. Spawn system is TERRIBLE - why isn't there an option to disable the camera zoom-out/in thing which plays before you can the map/spawn in? It makes it seem sluggish and I think it's unnecessary and a nuisance.
  8. Controls for editing classes on console whilst in a server are awful, just revert to BF1's system, it works so much better and people are familiar with it.
  9. The lack of ability to customise weapons whilst in a server has also been mentioned quite a lot by other people, so I'll mention it but I don't feel I need to explain this one either.
  10. I had no idea how to get rid of duplicate weapons in my inventory, assuming there is a way. Either way, creating duplicate weapons wasn't explained in the menu, so when I saw the "get another one" button I was curious, and when I hit it I saw no change, so I hit it again several times, and thanks to that I was stuck with multiple duplicates of some weapons. New features like this need to be more clear, especially if there is no way to get rid of these duplicates.
  11. Controls, e.g. sensitivity, unnecessarily different to BF1. This just makes switching between the games a chore - I've never been able to match the sensitivity between BF4 and BF1 properly, and now it's different in BFV too. Also, no custom controller schemes on console? Hopefully it will be added by the time the full game is out.
People tend to think the menus don't really impact the game too much, because it doesn't directly impact gameplay, however, a bad menu system can make a game frustrating to get into and make it look a less refined product. I believe the root of these problems is an attempt to be innovative or to stand out with the UI, however this is not an area which should stand out - good UIs get in the way as little as possible, and are hardly noticed by the player. It's one thing to annoy players with broken in-game mechanics, but it's another thing to annoy them before they've even entered a match.


  • ProAssassin2003
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    I agree 100%.
  • staRS-SirBob
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    I agree 100%.
    Same here
  • bmillsy513
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    "Worst..........Menu...........Ever................." - Comic Book Guy
  • parkingbrake
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    Yes, things like weapon customization were pointlessly fragmented and complex. And why on earth is that zoom-in thing for spawning still in the game, it's needless and time-wasting and brings nothing to the game. It was annoying in BF1 and it's still annoying in BFV.
  • ItsMeJamige
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    The whole armory and company menu were pointless to have separated. The biggest WTF about the UI was having to click "More" to get two more options which would have easily fit on the main menu.
  • robmcewen
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    Your not wrong.
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