Add the whippet tank to Battlefield 1 in an update PLEZ! DICE DO IT!

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So when we awaited the new dlc which was the apocalypse DLC the final chapter to BF1 DLC I expected some bad **** tank or something and to our avail. Nothing Dice added nothing. Just new maps thats it. Can you guys add the whippet tank. I want a machine gun tank. And I was very disappointed when I played your last DLC in BF1 and there was not even new transport vehicles come on DIce what you doing all day besides making maps?

Here's a youtube video of The Great War youtube channel talking about and actually showing the whippet tank itself and all machine turret tank hell yeah! Upvote so the devs can see and actually add this to the game it'd be so awesome especially for people who love driving tanks!

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