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After the 2 Alpha's im back with another round of feedback.

Where i enjoyed the first Alpha, and heavily dissliked the second Alpha to the point i didn't play more then 4 rounds. The beta felt really good in its core.


The gunplay overall felt really good, just like my first Alpha feedback post, due to its TTK, everything feels really strong.
Ive found myself using different kind of weapons where as in previous BF titles i would limit myself to 1 weapon as specific weapons just felt better as the other. With BFV i didn't have that feeling.
Just as in the Alpha's ive found alot of people crying about the STG44, but attrition does really balance things out despite alot of negative feedback from some people regarding attrition.

Sure the STG44 is a powerful weapon and versatile, however you are limiting yourself, you don't have access to permanent self-heals like the medic class for example has. With the STG44 you can take out alot of people really quick, but once you've been tagged a couple of times, you'll just flop over like a ragdoll if you're not near a health station or dont have a medic support you (which is likely the case). However a medic with a MP40 can do the same but it requires you to play slightly less aggressive as you would with a STG, but you can often do the same damage as the STG but at a slower rate, in fact you can do even more damage to the enemy team as a medic then with a STG. You just heal yourself everytime you get tagged.

I would agree with the ''STG44 is overpowered, reeeeee'' complaints if the gun was actually available for the medic class, now that would've been trouble. Alot of the sheep don't realize that the balance is coming from multiple elements now rather then just gun balance. I think attrition was perfect in the Beta build. I don't recall myself ever running out of ammo once, and that is mainly because i don't sit still on 1 place, i kill people and pick up the ammo. The guns are pretty accurate and hitting your shots shouldn't be that hard, you use less ammo per enemy. In my Alpha 1 feedback ive suggested a 10-13 bullets drop rate for smgs/ARs from dead enemies and noticed this has indeed been changed to those rates, its a worlds difference!

Back to the STG44, ive personally played the medic class alot, probably 80% of my beta time. Sometimes assault, sometimes recon. I just enjoyed playing the medic class so much i couldn't bring myself to play the other classes that much even though i would like to, unfortunately the Beta was too short for me to do that though. Anyhow, the STG44 is a power house and it looks like its the only reason some/most people do play the Assault class for. Now if you nerf the STG44, the reason to play assault becomes less appealing to those people. And without these Assault players, tanks will be running rampant.

Just like i said in my Alpha #1 feedback, every weapon feels like it has its purposes, its strenghts and weaknesses, combined with the attrition in its current form it just feels like a perfect balance in my eyes.

As someone that has never really enjoyed playing as recon after BF3, ive actually found myself enjoying playing as recon in BFV due to the abillity of being effectively agressive (Because of the skill tree abillities).


The weapon customization, another unpopulair opinion here it seems, i actually like it. I like being able to change the visuals of my gun without having it impact the weapons handling.
I am a massive fan of the looks of the Thompson, i think its probably the best looking gun ever created. Being able to change its visuals without impacting handling would be amazing. Ive seen some footage released by DICE where a brief moment the thompson showed up. I was kind of disappointed when i saw it, but maybe the customization will allow me to have better experience with it.

The top of the thompson looks sooooo friggin wide, at first it looked like a LMG to me (No offence intended here!) and i had to look twice. Hopefully this is something i will be able to customize to a thinner version without it impacting handling. Im hoping i can fully turn it into the M1A1 version.

People have been suggesting that grips should change handling and stuff, i just really don't want to run around with a ugly looking grip because it makes the weapon handle better.

Skill tree

This is something im completely neutral about, i havn't been bothered by it, neither was i super excited about it.

Ive seen some feedback that the skill tree abillities should have some drawbacks to each abillity, im fine with that, don't mind. However its going to cause a problem with the skilltree for me in its current form.

(Made in paint :P )

Lets take the skill tree for example and they all have 1+ and 1-
Improvement and a drawback.

Lets say that i like the improvement of #4 on the right side but do not like the improvement of #3 of the right side of the skill-tree.
I am now forced to play with a negative drawback from #3 on my gun because i want the improvement of #4 on my guns.

The entire skill-tree would need a complete overhaul if you guys decide to add negative drawbacks to skills.

A possible overhaul could look like this:

Have 7-8 open slots that can be changed at any given time, and have like 15-20 skills that you can drag into the open slots.

Perhaps you could add the same skill 3 or 4 times. How?

Lets say that skill #2 gives your weapon increased fire rate

(card 1): increased fire rate, drawback: less bullets gained from dead bodies
(card 2, same positive, different drawback): increased fire rate, drawback: Natural health regen kicks in 2 times slower
(card 3, same positive, different drawback): etc, etc, etc,

Or if you didn't intend on adding drawbacks, you could just allow people that once they've bought a gun for 1,300 for example to claim a unlimited or a small amount up till 8 of the same weapon for free after buying the initial weapon. The newly claimed weapons would be fresh off upgrades from the skill-tree and the user has to abillity to go for the left side of the tree with this second gun this time around.

Smoke grenades

Add them in for every class.

Smokes in combination with the flare gun can be abused really hard ive noticed, i was wondering why people were perfectly tracking me through smoke grenades. Turns out that if you drop a smoke as recon and shoot a flare in the middle of the smoke, you can just see all the doritos through the smoke bf3 style. Needs tweaking, thicker smoke would be welcome aswell.

Smaller stuff, bugs, etc

The beta felt amazing, was hoping for operations on rotterdam but unfortunately it was conquest. However there has been alot of small stuff that has bothered me alot. Narvik for example as i pointed out in #1 alpha feedback, you would constantly slide down the mountain or small bumps in the terrain which really impacts your movement flow alot. The amount of sliding that occurs next to the trains at the Narvik bridge towards the water side is insane.

The rubble in Rotterdam constantly making you drop by half a inch while you're in the middle of a fight is really annoying aswell, or getting stuck behind a couple of wooden planks while trying to escape your enemy for example, all these little things.

And then theres the squad bugs, creating squads has been pretty hard in the Alphas, but almot impossible in the beta. We're asked for feedback, but how do people give accurate feedback regarding certain features like attrition, squad play, buddy revives, etc, etc. If no one has been able to squad up throughout the entire Beta. It was only the last day where i could succesfully create a squad and play with friends and get a accurate picture of what the game is actually like when playing with friends. I highly suggest ironing out these small pesky annoying bugs and annoyances that has bothered alot of people and push for a second beta if possible. Because the game at its core is truly amazing and probably one of the better Battlefield titles.
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