Concepts: Surrender and EOR freetime

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Battlefield, to me, always been about innovation. Whether it's reviving or destructible environments or fortifications, DICE may or may not have invented these things but they have refined them to a new level. I'm very happy that DICE is leaning a bit more towards the realism side of the spectrum (although BFV will certainly never be mistaken for a sim) and noting the more serious nature of the game I think there is an opportunity to expand on that further.

I was inspired in part by a DLC for the ARMA series called Laws of War which attempts to introduce a civilian aspect to the game with things like demining, leaflets and ambulance service. That's not where my concept is headed though. Instead I wanted to focus the fact that you currently have two options when dealing with the enemy: kill or be killed. But in war you also have the option of surrendering and I think there is an opportunity to reflect that. Right now when your territory is overtaken in Grand Ops you have to retreat and if you fail to reach your new fallback territory and are killed then the attacking team gains a ticket. What if in those situations you have where you are hopelessly behind enemy lines that you could instead surrender?

Doing so would be a ticket neutral event but would net the both the player surrendering and the player who captures them points if some conditions are met. On the other hand players who kill other players who have thrown down their arms would get a mark against them like they would had they team killed and their team would also lose a ticket (this could also be used in Conquest as well).

So as to avoid abuse of the system it would take about 3 or 4 seconds to enter the surrender status after holding down the designated button. A surrendered player would appear on the map to the enemy and they would be limited to walking. You cannot un-surrender either. Once in surrender mode you have to either make your way to designated surrender zones within a certain amount of time or have your surrender accepted by the enemy who can do so by holding down the designated button for a couple of seconds if they are within say 20m of you. If you fail to get to the surrender zone or have your surrender accepted within x amount of time then your team loses two tickets and you get the equivalent of a TK marked against you (repeated infractions would lead to boot from server). This should discourage people from trying to do things like hide teammates in an effort to setup ambushes.

I think this would break up the monotony of the game and introduce a more though provoking experience while reflecting the notion that despite the huge body counts of ww2 that this was not a fight to the last man and POW's existed in very large numbers.

I also want to talk about End of Round. The BF series sometimes gets the label of souless lobbed at it and I think one of the ways to counteract that would be to look at the EOR. Let's say you've emerged victorious after a hard fought 1 hour Grand Ops battle. If it is like BF1 then you'll get a cinematic which is certainly nice but that's about it. What if the game didn't instantly end and you had say 30-45 seconds to move around freely at EOR? The losing team would be stuck in a surrender pose but the winning team could do as they please. Run around and explore the level, congratulate the top performers, do fly bys in aircraft (as opposed to having them unceremoniously crash as they do now)

Plus! EA is always looking for ways to make money right? What if you could buy EOR emotes (contextual to the time period of course) for soldiers or have colored smoke come out of aircraft or even messages? Tanks could fire a flare that serves as sort of a firework. Clans could even purchase group celebrations in the spirit of NFL group celebrations you see (although again contextually appropriate). Unique voice lines as well could be purchased. I mean this is stuff that doesn't effect gameplay, is purely cosmetic and helps inject some life into the proceedings while making EA some money that they can proudly say is optional and delivers a true value to the consumer who is in the market for such things. Win win for all IMO.

To me these things make a lot more sense than cosmetics that won't be all that visible on the battlefield in many cases. Although, to be clear, I have no problem with EA selling contextually appropriate cosmetics too. I'm just saying that if they're trying to make money why not have a showcase time EOR where people can really express themselves and put the value of their purchases on full display?
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