This Week in Battlefield V

nitpick: with regards to the V1

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For the sake of my mild annoyance, please Change "Rocket" or "Rocket Bomb" to something more accurate like "Flying Bomb" or "cruise missile".

It's a minor complaint I'm sure but it's something so simple.

The V1 was not a rocket, if you think it was, then the UCAV from BF4 was also a rocket, and/or the ME-262 was a rocket-plane.
I say this because the V1 used an air-breathing "pulse jet", which isn't really a rocket motor/engine, it could be intercepted by propeller driven aircraft and

The V2 Was a rocket, it flew faster than the speed of sound, and was impossible for the allies to intercept/shoot down... (while also being a massive waste of resources for the Germans, and made strategic bombing look "precise" in terms of being able to hit a target)

the V3 wasn't a rocket, just a massive (and interesting by itself) Artillery Piece.

on an Unrelated note: will we get the AZON? (azimuth Only)
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