Battlefield: War On Terrorism



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    Trokey66 wrote: »
    Trokey66 wrote: »
    I think there is a subtle difference between playing as a nation's standing army regardless of that nation's political ideology and a terrorist organisation.

    In the former, the individual soldier is often ambivalent to such ideology were an individual terrorist is a slave to theirs.

    It also doesn't help.that David Haines was a colleague of mine.

    If you don’t like it don’t play it :)

    Not a problem as it doesn't exist and probably never will.

    You never know...

    BFV is full of stuff I thought I wouldn’t see in a Battlefield game. Same with Hardline.
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    Weren't modern MoH games all about that and nobody really liked them?

    not about terrorism.

    Yeah it was... there was the whole controversy of a named terrorist organization being in multiplayer...
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    oh i meant, not completely.
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    Folks I would ask us to be mindful of where this discussion heads in regards talk of ideologies and all that here - these kinds of conversations can get very political very quickly. These forums aren't the place for these conversations and while we're doing an okay job staying in-line with the conversation at the moment I did just want to pop in and remind us of this.
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    I mean in a game called Squad you can play as terroristical insurgents, and no one complains about that there.

    I dont see a problem where you have a Battlefield game where you play either as or against the Islamic state or the Aghanistan millitas.

    Honestly I realy hate all this stupid political correctnes, they take all the fun away.
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    it would be good too if such a game had a bit of education.
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    command and conquer red alert which feature suicide bombers and of course the legendary counterstrike. my idea. I think given that a battlefield: war on terrorism game could be more plausible.
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