Full Game Purchase Vs. Origin Subscription - Which is better?



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    I have to say players who flat out are fully buying the deluxe edition physical or digital should have gotten the earliest access to the game, but overall I'm not surprised about any of this because it's the usual stupid garbage that EA loves to pull.

    They should gave changed the release date to the 9th, but instead they're shoving their hands down everyone's pockets trying to get as much cash as possible for this bs they're doing with these different release dates.

    If it brings any solace to those who wont be starting the game at the 9th, think of it like that the people who do will be beta testing the game so it might have less problems when the rest get it :S

    It is a cash grab and calculated precisely. With the poor pre-orders they need to give the reluctant crowd a cheaper reason to play this game. Paying 15€ for one month is not really a great deal, but 15€ for one month and also 11 day earlier access, that is huge. It also entices pre-order buyers to spend extra cash. It is shameless, but very effective, also goes to show how bad the pre-orders and expectations for BFV really are.

    I don't get why people are so bothered with EA/DICE letting some people get access a little earlier in exchange for some extra cash. For the people who always want to be the first to play etc. they gladly pay extra for it, it's fine. Let them, I*m happy for them if that early access makes their day :)
    People are too concerned with the trivial. Really it doesn't matter if you get access on the 9th or on the 20th. And if it does matter so much to you, then you should be going for the primer or deluxe pre-order i guess. The premier people are getting access the earliest because they are ultimately the ones who are going to be paying the most for the game(s).

    Well it is not "a little earlier" though. The game was scheduled to be released in two days and got pushed back a month for "polishing the core gameplay". This means the game is not done and needs four more weeks, without even new features marketed as key: Co-Op, Vehicle customization, Battle Royale, Dragging, even Grand Operations seemed to not be ready in two days time.
    However it does appear that the "core game" is indeed a finished product from DICE's POV on the 9th of November, 23 days after the initial release and 11 before the official release. That is not regular early access, which is more like 3-7 days ahead. People get pissed about this, and rightfully so.
    It is a classic EA move to squeeze an extra buck out of the customer, for a game that has been so polarizing that they are fearing a loss of revenue if they did not include this into the deal. It is a good deal for me, who is undecided and can use the month as a trial for 15€ and be rewarded for thinking the game is mediocre at best.
    But it is a slap in the face for the guys that actually pre-ordered because they enjoyed the product or put their trust into DICE. That is also typical EA and a reason why they are rather controversial themselves.

    As a conclusion, the deal might even help some people, but that is not done out of charity and it really screws battlehardened fans. EA really took a run-up there to get in those fan buttocks.
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