Clutching a school assignment tonight

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Hello soldiers,

I have a school assignment due tomorrow that I will need to get done by today. Basically, I am supposed to read The Poisonwood Bible and watch this documentary. After that, my directions are literally "watch or listen to a documentary or podcast and construct a 2-page response" while tying it to the book. I've decided to talk about how the novel and documentary both show white authority over Africans, as that is the main thing they both have in common.

Any advice on this assignment will be much appreciated. The reason the formatting is a bit weird is because I didn't really plan to write an essay initially (since the directions said to "construct a 2-page response"), but near the end it felt like a conclusion would be fitting, thus it is half-essay, half-not-essay. I would prefer to refrain from writing a full-blown essay, though, since this assignment is due tomorrow.

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