American Expat in Tokyo looking for a squad!

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Title says it all. I just got this game a month ago and I'm tired of getting wiped by 100+ level players as a lone wolf. Looking for casual/somewhat competetive play. I usually play as an aggressive scout and I PTFO (no bs camping) Also second as a support, sometimes assault. Cheers! As an added bonus I'm a designer and can make a pretty sick emblem/platoon avatar if necessary :)


  • filthmcnasty
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    I'd love to get a Japanese woman. Soooooo much better than stuck up hypocritical American women. I like to play lone wolf, but I envy your time in Japan. The metal band in listening to know is Japanese actually. Gyze, if you've heard of them. Dir en Grey is a favorite too but Spotify ruins their selection
  • danniboi85
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    Haha, there are stuck up hypocritical Japanese women too. And men...perhaps mostly men, lol. It's everywhere unfortunately. My wife is Japanese so she might know Gyze. I've never heard of them.
  • Hawaianalien
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    can't assure I'll be a regular squaddie but I'll make no more than maybe 130ping, it's hard to find some mate in east asian region.
  • Kaiserkozy
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    What's your PSN? 16 years resident of Shimo-Kitazawa here, moved a few months ago to Sangenjaya. I don't know Gyze but I know Gauze and their drummer Hiko and the least I can say about their music is that it is intense...
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