Not a competitive nor a hardcore gamer, so I am out?



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    I don't believe you need to be a pro-lvl gamer. There are a few tricks to finding a good BF1 experience.

    1. If you are doing poorly press tab and see what the score sheet looks like. If you see a bunch of 10-0 non-vehicle users and 20-0 vehicle users on the other team and your team isn't breaking even switching servers might be the best option.

    2. Bind spotting to mouse wheel down and spam it on dark maps.

    3. When you run keep the chevron site on level(the two-sided triangle) and not pointed at the ground. There is a natural tendency to point in downward to give you a wider FOV.

    4. Unlock kits and use what is best for the situation. Medic if you want to keep your squad and surrounding people going. Mortars if a bunch of enemy is clumped up at a point. Sniper to open up corridors for your team. Assault stuff to kill vehicles and fight CQC.

    5. Use cover and move from point to point and play it like you're fighting in WW1.

    If all else fails play in a squad as a medic with med-packs and syringe and smoke grenades and a decent rate of fire non-optic rifle. The people you res will likely know what machine gun nest or sniper killed them and won't make the same mistake twice.

    And turn aim assist off.

    And a further note if resing and healing makes you feel like logistics without really playing: every person you res or heal is a target for the enemy to shoot at that isn't you.

    To expand on the above if your team is corridored and everywhere you go it is a 360 field of fire or a tank camping your spawn that server is worthless and switching servers might but a good idea until you get lucky.
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    Play on a server that has lots of regulars. Get to know those regulars. Play with them regularly. Squad up.

    Message me for more information, I will play with you, we all play as a platoon.
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    Thank you all for your kind response, ingame it's a rare thing, when the problem casuals vs competives brought up (by me).

    I appreciate your advices, your suggestions, encouraging not to give up.

    Still my opinion stands, seeing how others aim, shoot, and kill without too much struggle, with deadly precision and damage, that pvp games without a certain level of competitism and dedication won't give sustained fun, probably not just for me, but others who walk in the same shoe.

    I try to watch out, listen and learn my surroundings, maybe notice strategic advantages, like flanking postions and so, but I can't and don't want to compete on the gunfight part, because I know my limits, aswell not playing that much to achive these skills on a 90-100% aviability, nott being dependant on my mood, tiredness and the other factors that influence a human.

    I know this is a changing era, gaming becoming more and more of a normal lifestyle, esp among teenagers who grow up literally with a contoller or so in their hands, pro gamers making videos, streams, where they show off their impresiive skills, which become an etalon, those who think of themself as true gamers try to mimic these feats, levelling to the hardcore competive level of gaming. Not ot mention pc/console games become regular sports, which also a big push for pvp based games leaving the "casual" floor.

    I usually play alone, which makes it also harder to shine. I don't have friend who als oplay, but this maybe for the better, I slao don't have all the time and the mood to play as often as it would reccomend to polish my skills in a true evolving way.

    Thank you for hearing me out, have nice gaming experiance and a happy life.
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    Since the site vaporized my comment i was writeind in half an hour after i wanted to edit some mistake, i am too tired to write it again now, maybe next day. Have a good night (in Europe)
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    Your post went into spam, It's back now.
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    This is not my first post about the inbalancment in Dice games, you free to read the oder posts.

    Just explaining the title, since spending some time (Bf1 ~600 hour wasted from life, Bf2 ~200) I come to the revelation that in modern pvp based games you can be effective if you play the game religiously, in hardcore competitive way, either most of the time you will die from interesting ranges, angles in milisecs, causing the deploy screen becoming your best friend.

    Don't get me wrong, there are times when a usless noncompetitve like myself can shine, maybe the spirits of my great grandfathers possess me in these times who fought in ww1, idk, or i become one with the force when playing Bf2. So there are good matches, ofc, but these are the few, the steamroll still a thing, on a personal level I stopped caring about how many time i got instakilled by full level platoon players.

    Which leads back to the question, does it make sense to play these, if I can't and don't want to bring it to a competitve, half-professional level? Do I have my place and role in the given team, or just a target for high K:D ratios? Is this a turning point in the history of pvp gaming where the games mostly inhabited by pro gamers, and the lesser casuals get the gaming experience from professionals playing in videos, streams?
    These are the questions I raise to myself, that where the problem may lie, am I too inferior to others, is it normal to have this kind of balance, what is my worth?

    Just by the new game and deal with it. There are always going to be people who have better connections, better computers, multiple monitors, foot pedals, etc. not to mention living next door to a server farm.

    Fun is what you make it. BF1 was a thankless grind with lousy game mechanics, Lava Lamp hit boxes, "Snipers with Benefits", and system strangling special effects to cover up weak game play.

    Personally, I agree that the days of PC gaming at this level are approaching the end and consoles will be created to emulate the best of both worlds. Mouse and keyboard, big monitors, locked down programming, and hopefully less bandwidth needed to equalize the experience over reasonable distances.
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