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BF3 Game Servers NOT using PunkBuster

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Totally spewing about EvenBalance and their useless PunkBuster banning players and keen to find some good servers that DO NOT enable Punkbuster. If you feel the same and want to find some servers to play on hopefully there will be some links available.

EA / Battlefield gave PunkBuster the boot so it only seems fitting EVERYONE that has suffered a LIFETIME BAN due to PunkBuster has somewhere to play. Of course there is already a filter in the server browser to find servers not using PunkBuster but how's about a list of active ones worth playing on.

If you know where the growing community of PunkBuster Banned players are playing can you please post SERVER links for BF3 only not for some other game like Minecraft or TiddlyWinks.

Please don't discuss your disappointment about the crappy PunkBuster, let's just assume they are useless because EA no longer use them for newer games....please just discuss AVAILABLE BF3 servers to play on or post server links.


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