World War 3

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Anyone? Took me two or three rounds to get in and it feels good.


  • Tovarisch_Maxim
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    3 - 4 Maps is not enough in my opinion, there needs to be more Maps-locations to be available to play on, in also other continents aswell other than Europe, like Middle East, Asia, Africa... etc. And maps should cover up the entire city with player count up to 255 or more, which should fit more to It's world war 3 theme. I dont see the reason why they need to lock on their game to be so similar to battlefield with the map size and player count limitations, I mean come on, be more creative, the developers needs to think outside the box.

    But what I think the weakest part of the game is the mediocre character animations (Mainly from first person view, ugh) and the gun-fire sounds (Both vehicles and weapons), they sound way to quiet to me.

    One thing that they did great job was making the maps 100% copy of the real locations, I say Impressive on that, I can't imagine how it would feel to play the game on a location you live in.

    As for the In-game currency, It needs to go. If I was to buy a game in order to play it, I want to enjoy it, all of the content (Items, customisation, etc) should be instantly available at your disposal once you buy the game, either that, or make it a Free2Play game if they love their In-game currency so much.

    Untill those things fulfilled, I'm not that interested in getting that game, due to It's lacking in content. I mean, the game looks fun, but the developers dont think outside the box, which is such a shame.
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    bring on battlefield: war on terrorism and violate my copyright! lol!
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