Battlefield 2: Modern Combat - The Game That Isn't There

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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is one of the best online games that you cannot play, EA has shut down the servers for 3 versions Xbox, PS2 and Xbox 360. Almost no one talks about BF2MC anymore but with my new series of videos I hope to change that. I am going to start uploading some Battlefield “lore” videos, my personal experience of what it was like to play this great game. I will also start uploading many clans matches that I recorded on the PS2 in 2012. I plan to do so live narration/commentary over these clan matches where I will describe what is happening in each match.

Here is my first video which is an introduction to the series.



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    I am so glad that someone has finally done the leg work behind bringing my favorite all time online shooter into conversation. It has been years now with zero word from EA or anyone really and there is still a group of us who would love to see this game become available again for online play. In an age now with so many classics being reborn through reverse capability, BF2MC is without a doubt deserving of a reboot. As one of the most memorable and influential games in the mid 2000s, it is continually neglected by mention and neglected by gaming world in general. Probably because EA decided to let it die on the vine entirely.

    Now more than ever, EA needs to rebuild report with its customers and this would be a step in the right direction for the company. A small step, but a good one. I miss the COMMUNITY that we had on this game. And yes, we paid both for the game copy and for Xbox Live. For it to be taken down so prematurely and without ability for the gamers to source funds, resources or go to private servers left a very bad taste in our mouths. This is coming from a player who played countless hours on BF3, BF4 and BF1, not to mention someone who is a Premium player.

    I've spent the money, I've spent the time and I have enjoyed every Battlefield since. But I would source time and funds to see this game rebooted. It should have already been, in my opinion. Why not release the code and assets to us for it to be privately supported if it won't be rebooted? The product is that good. If it's copyright reasons, what good is a copyright for a dead game that was willingly killed by its copyright owning company?

    I hope to see this game reborn and rekindle old friendships and relive my favorite video game memories.
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