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Mouse Sensitivity

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I am an older gamer, pushing 50. I first started playing on those oh-so-annoying mouses that still had the ball inside them. You know, that ball with the rollers that if you did not clean, you could feel the lint and junk inside?

Well, starting to play first person shooters on the game Descent, in 1995, then taking a hiatus and coming back to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, the mouses were not much better. They were infrared, though. They still sucked, so to have good aim, I would have LOW mouse sensitivity, because the mouse was so inaccurate.

Getting older, with more disposable income, I would purchase high DPI mouse, and my gaming history betrayed me when I would slip and ask for a `high dps mouse` but that is another tale.

So, long story short, I had those high dpi mouses, but never upped the sensitivity, because I was used to LOW, those were the settings I had used for 20+ years.

So, i had been playing on 20% mouse sensitivity, and turning could require big sweeping gestures of the hand. Heck, my mouse pad is big, the size of a letter sheet of paper.

It`s a new game, just by changing to 50% mouse sensitivity. The old mouses of 20 years ago that I trained myself on, and that mouse sensitivity level, like a baby elephant with a chain that I always felt, was a true thing that held me back. It is a new game for me now.


  • Sw1ts
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    What's the point of the post?U opened a post about comparing a old mouse sensitivity with a new mouse?I personal use 400dpi(Razer DeathAdder Elite) in game 10% in Battlefield 1 with a Extra Large 900x400mm Razer Goliathus Speed Edition.If i set the dpi too high over 800 and lets say 20 in game i can't aim at all.
  • TheNoobPolice
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    I really on players like you having the completely wrong idea so I can noob stomp for dayzzzz
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